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Hello All,

Welcome to my men health blog. This is my very first post, just a brief introduction to the service I will provide and a little bit about myself.

I have been practising traditional massage from few old timer gurus in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia take up a few courses on wet cupping(Bekam Sinergi) also known as Hijamah, also take up course with Spa Institute ( http://www.spainstitute.com.sg/ ) and still on going taking up other of their course to expand my skills and broaden my knowledge.

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Been working from home since 2015 as an online marketer and only doing therapy/massage as freelance thru words of mouth.

After few years of staying at Johor Bahru doing therapy services as freelance had extremely built my interest in reaching to more people to help others with the common health problems with the knowledge that I had thru out the years.

As a dad who had been working from home since 2014, relies on making money from the internet is full of ups and down. Further to that, I am moving back to Singapore. It has always been a dream to set up a spa service/ center that focuses on holistic/alternative treatment.

However, time does not permit me to go that route so I am starting a home to home service(Outcall) for all my clients it’s definitely convenient ways to relax, rejuvenate and recharge in our busy city in Singapore. Of course, all treatments are strictly by appointments.

Also, been selling some herbal supplement online thru marketplace, social platform etc… and just recently March 2018 launch JawdaHerbs.sg so do check it out especially our Homemade Jamu Juice both for man and woman

On this little blog will fill out with all the information about my service and tips about men health and holistic wellness. Do frequently visit the blog, as of now I am building it from scratch it may take times.

On the side note, this is just a personal blog that I will share anything, everything out from the knowledge I got a mixture of health information, my services, supplements I selling or using.

Disclaimer. Any products and claims made about any products on https://therapy4men.com/ have not been evaluated by any medical authority or by any country Food and Drug Administration and are not approved to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Why I choose to be Massage Therapist for Men

  1. A career to serve others: I have a passion for helping others. Each massage and/or treatment can show miracles of healing, of the human spirit & the amazing human body, spirituality & a powerful healing of touch. This is the good part and most rewarding part of this profession.
  2. I feel valued: I can’t tell you how many jobs I’ve worked where I just felt like a nuisance or like nothing I did was good enough. This isn’t just some job where I’m sure down the line someone benefits from the work that I’m doing, even though I can’t see it. I get to hear about and see it directly, during the session and after. There’s nothing more rewarding than that – knowing that you’re valued.
  3. I love being my own boss: Having my OWN client as my other boss is definitely more rewarding and worth all the effort to make use of my gifted hands.
  4. I love educating people about overall health and holistic wellness.

In fact there a long list just to keep it short and what came to my mind when writing this post.

For more information on my service as for now, you can WhatsApp/Call me at +65 98958581.

The simplest way without a need to save my number is just by clicking on this link —>WhatsApp Therapy4Men.com

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