Gambir Emas Ginseng Gel – Men Delay Gel

Gambir Emas Ginseng Gel For Men

Gambir Emas Gel is widely used in Malaysia and had gone viral in short of time after the launch on 2015.

I start selling gambir emas way back when I am staying at Johor Bahru and now started selling at Singapore.

So let’s go thru the benefits of gambir emas gel and the ingredients used.

Gambir Emas Benefits

Gambir Emas benefits?

Last Longer in bed – Able to delay your ejaculation due to less stimulation of the penis. You won’t lose all sensation, but the numbing effect will provide just enough stimulation to allow you to reach orgasm.

Make it Harder – The ingredients in the gel contain other herbal elements that help and stimulate blood flow to the penis. This can help an erection become harder.

Make it Longer – As the herbal ingredients in the gel help stimulate the blood flow to the penis this will help it to make it longer with daily usage and light massage on your penis daily.

Gambir Emas Ingredients?

  • Eurycoma Longifolia ( Tongkat Ali )
  • Olive Oil ( Minyak Zaitun )
  • Nigella Sativa Black Seeds ( Habbatus Sauda )
  • Uncaria Leaves ( Gambir Sarawak )
  • Leech Oil ( Minyak Lintah )
  • Golden Sea Cucumber ( Minyak Gamat )
  • Ginseng (rénshēn Plant Roots)

Tongkat Ali – The main benefits of Tongkat Ali are related to enhancing erections. Provide excellent Blood Flow.

Olive Oil – Olive oil can soothe, smooth, and nourish the skin.

Nigella Sativa Black Seeds – Known as “Blessed Seeds” Its have been used in remedies for thousands of years. Healers for its anti-inflammatory properties

Uncaria Leaves –  It is an Astringent and Styptic that help to reduce the sensitive part for less stimulation.

Leech Oil – Hirudin and histamine substance benefit of this oil benefits of collagen for the skin is to prevent premature aging. This is because leeches have anti-collagen substances that can smooth blood circulation to the penis.

Golden Sea Cucumber – Research conducted at several universities in Malaysia for several years indicate that sea cucumbers can circulate blood well, antiseptic and had wound healing properties.

Ginseng – A well know for manage sexual dysfunction in men.

Gambir Emas Ingredients

Is Gambir Emas Ginseng Gel Safe?

100% No chemicals and using an only natural product

No numbness and hotness unlike any other delay gel or delay spray in the market.

Since 2015 and been using mostly in Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei.

How to use Gambir Emas Gel?

Apply 3-5 press of the gel on the whole area 45 minutes to 1 hour in advance before action (intercourse).

Gently rub/massage evenly so that it is fully absorbed.

Do not need to wash ( Wash if performing oral sex)

How to use gambir emas

How to buy Gambir Emas Gel in Singapore?

Easy..! There many online sellers selling it such as at, etc…

And of course, from me, you can purchase at my online store

$35 with delivery

Self-collection option available at $30

For any inquiries, you can WhatsApp me +65 98958581


Gambir Emas

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