Outcall Massage Singapore For Men

Massage Singapore is what you are looking for?.

Yes, you found it!

Are you looking for a masseuse or thinking of getting a massage Singapore done at your house, hotel or apartments, then look no further, where my magic hands can deliver this restorative massages at your doorstep.

I do not carry all the accessories needed for the massage like a folding bed unless if Hijama therapy that you need then yes I will bring along my sterilise cupping set, the full body massage would be so much comfortable if it is on your large bed – both for you and me, which could be either be your home or a hotel room.

I may enquire various things like session time and duration, the type of massage therapy you required and if your health condition… at the time of scheduling an appointment for a massage.

Before you schedule a massage appointment, the important thing to keep in mind is the direction to your house, be sure to give me the proper route to your house or if you are staying in a hotel, I will need you to pick me up at the lobby in most case or you can inform the staff that you are expecting a massage professional to arrive at the appointed time.

Frequent Answer & Question

What will I be wearing during the massage?

Superhero costume! Tadaaa joking….. You will not be wearing anything but you will definitely be covered with a towel. I am fine if you wear boxers or short pants.

Do you have certified massage certification?

I hate certificate! Of course, I do I learn various massage certification from Singapore Spa Institute and various old timer gurus kampung style (Traditional Massage) from Malaysia. The real question is do you have experience? Yes, I started it as freelance get clients thru words of mouth started way back when I am 23 now I am 31(you do the math) that the numbers of my years experience with body works.

Who do you serve?

All kinds of men – Yes ONLY Men from elite to the ordinary from gay to bisexual to straight, from married, widowed, divorced, single. I have no interest whatsoever with regards to your stature and that would be my assurance to being 100% discrete and respectful to clients. Again as long you are a man.

I am a chubby client. Do you choose clients?

A therapist does not choose clients. In actual fact, clients choose us. So, regardless of your body type, race, beliefs, skin color etc, you are entitled to be attended by me. I will not ask for any of your statistic except when and where you want it and which package.

Can I touch the therapist/you?

NO, Practice capital R – RESPECT. I provide clean, professional massage.

What are your operating hours?

My operating hours from 9 am to 10 pm(last appointment). I do occasionally accept appointment after 10 pm for that rare case there will be additional charges of $20(Midnight charge). It’s super rare that clients need a massage after midnight like 2 am or 4 am?

How should I prepare to experience the best from you?

Keep your technological gadgets away or switch it to silent mode. After a good shower, preferably not after a meal (light meal is fine) and not drunk.

Enough question, What is your rate?

1 hour – $70
2 hour – $120
I am also a bekam specialist refer to the image below for the rates.

Massage Singapore

How advance notice must I give to make a reservation for your outcall massage Singapore?

I would suggest advance notice of one day. However, you can try to make the booking on the same day and if my schedule allowed the time that you require we are good to go.

A few benefits of outcall massage Singapore and why you need it now at the comfort of your room.

  • Not worrying about hidden cameras or the surroundings
  • Do not need to travel
  • Can straight away relax and sleep after your session
  • Enhances blood and oxygen circulation all over the body
  • Minimized blood pressure and stimulates flexibility of the body and mind
  • Enhances rehabilitation after trauma or surgery.
  • Unwinds muscles and bones
  • Relieves tension, stress, and anxiety in one’s body and mind

Let’s not get long in reading, get in touch with me now thru WhatsApp for question or to book for your slots at + 65 98958581. The simplest way is just to click this link —>massagesingapore.therapy4men.com will direct you to my WhatsApp without a need to save my number.

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